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Sponsors to the Trust

The ”Gratiaen Prize”, is the most prestigious prize for English writing awarded annually to the best work of literary writing by a resident Sri Lankan. Sarasavi Bookshop (pvt) Ltd, a household name in the book trade, carrying an extensive range of books, is privileged to be afforded an opportunity to sponsor the Gratiaen Awards Ceremony and activities leading up to the Prize for the year 2016. The Prize is awarded by the Gratiaen Trust with an endowment established by the founder of the Prize, Michael Ondaatje.
Sarasavi Group of Companies includes six other companies. The Leading Company in this Group, Sarasavi Bookshop (pvt) Ltd, the one-stop shop for books and stationery counts over sixty years in the book trade. A significant feature of much benefit to the reading public is that Sarasavi bookshops (pvt) Ltd. Maintains a chain of state-of- the-art book stores, covering key locations in the country. Sarasavi’s group’s proactive initiatives have promoted a sense of confidence among customers. The reading public has the opportunity to access bestsellers in our bookstores, also available online on our website
Sarasavi bookshops (pvt) Ltd is also a regular and direct importer and distributor of books and magazines from publishers worldwide. Sarasavi bookshops (pvt)Ltd is now is gearing to meet a growing demand for books overseas.


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