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2010 Winner

  On the Streets & other Revelations
Sakuntala Sachithanandan

Rozaine Cooray
Colours of the Sun (published novel)

Shyam Dissanayake
Dalada (unpublished novel)

Herman Gunaratne
The Suicide Club (published novel)

Shirani Rajapakse
Breaking News (published
short stories)


Bio data of Author

    On the Streets & other Revelations
Sakuntala Sachithanandan
Sakuntala was educated at Visakha Vidyala, Colombo, qualified as a lawyer at the Sri Lanka Law College, and is married to Thirukeswaram Sachithanandan, also a lawyer. She is fond of children, animals, reading, writing, painting, gardening and teaching children. She has published the children's book, Tales From The Tree House, and another children's book, The Adventures of Sokadi The Line-Room Mouse, is in the process of being published.

Excerpt from the book


On the Streets & other Revelations
Sakuntala Sachithanandan


On the Streets & other Revelations

(excerpt from)

All is Burning

All is Burning, all is Fire,
I burn, am I alive or dead?
I see the missies all in white,
In starched stiff caps around by bed.
“No one to pick ants off her, hmmmm-”
One missy says and nods her head.

I see you, Rajes, through my net,
You have come! Oh joy! I raise my head!
For many years my friend of the plucking fields.
My spirit soars above my pain,
And my blackened claw-like hand I raise-
By Murugah! I see you now recoil!
Is it my putrid stench perhaps
Or my fearsome blackened face?

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