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2007 Winner

  Nothing Prepares You
Vivimarie VanderPoorten

A Map and a Compass Moon
Ramya Chamalie Jirasinghe

Sylphlike Ether
Chamali Kariyawasam

Malinda Seneviratne

Like Myth and Other
Sivamohan Sumathy


Bio data of Author

    Nothing Prepares You/Vivimarie VanderPoorten  
Vivimarie VanderPoorten teaches English literature, language and linguistics at the Open University of Sri Lanka, and was educated at the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, and the University of Ulster, UK. 'nothing prepares you' was her first published collection of poems.

Excerpt from the book

  Nothing Prepares You/Vivimarie VanderPoorten  

Nothing Prepares You

Nothing prepares you for
It hits you like a bus
In the street
While you’re trying to shield your eyes from the glare
Of the mid-day sun
While you are
Thinking ordinary thoughts
Like: “where did I leave my keys”

Having been hurt before
Doesn’t help, either.
You don’t feel your heart shatter and think.
“Oh, this is familiar, I know
Exactly how this will go”

Love and loss shadow you
Silently like spies
And collide suddenly,
Like migraine headaches
They are always new
With the raw, sharp edges
Of knives
That glint in
too-bright – white hot
And blind you.

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