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Prize Winners


2006 Winners


3 Star K
Seneka Abeyratne

The Banana Tree Crisis
Isankya Kodittuwakku


The Good Little Ceylonese Girl
Ashok Ferrey

Coalescing with Omega
Rita Perera

The (IR) (AU) Topsy
Vihanga Perera


Bio data of Authors

    3 Star K/Seneka Abeyratne  
Seneka Abeyratne has a higher degree from Cornell University. He is a playwright and photographer.
    The Banana Tree Crisis/Isankya Kodithuwakku  
Isankya Kodithuwakku has a bachelor’s degree from Kenyon College where she gave up Mathematics to concentrate on writing. She is presently at Colombia University completing an M.F.A in Creative Writing.

Excerpt from the book

  The Banana Tree Crisis/Isankya Kodithuwakku  

The Banana Tree Crisis

The whole problem happened because the yards of the three concerned houses in the posh Cinnamon Gardens area met at a banana tree. The tree grew in a corner of Mrs. Juhaid’s property, leaned on the back wall of Amirta’s garden, and provided shade and a banana scented breeze to Mr. Martin’s backyard. Mrs. Juhaid was a rich widow who owned the uninhabited piece of land with the banana treet. Amrita was ayoung businesswoman who illicitly bought processed tea dust from small people who worked in big tea factories and packaged them to sell to local stores. Mr. Martin was anewly-appointed officer at an American government agency working in Colombo and had taken a lease on Holmes Place a month before the whole incident.

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