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Prize Winner


1996 Winner

  Bringing Tony Home
Tissa Abeysekara

The High Chair and Cancer Days
Sita Kulatunga

With Maya
Eva Ranaweera

The Lost Lenore
Regi Siriwardena


Bio data of Author

    Bringing Tony Home/Tissa Abeysekara  
The late Tissa Abeysekera was bi-lingual, articulate and intellectually curious, a script writer and a film-maker with a bohemian aura. He is well-known for the film scripts he wrote for Lester James Peiris, as well as his own films and teledramas, which have won acclaim.

Excerpt from the book

  Bringing Tony Home/Tissa Abeysekara  


And then came the bark; the sharp clipped aristocratic bark, and with it came Tony, crashing through Mrs. Jayasingha with the custard pudding in the dessert cup held delicately in one hand and the dessert spoon suspended somewhere between my mouth and her ample bosom, and Uncle Ronald opening and closing the folds of the accordion in an arc just below his chin.

Tony came out of nowhere, charging and barking, leaping-turning-twisting-rolling-jumping-licking-whinning-moaning in a delirium.

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