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Prize Winner


1994 Winner

Punyakante Wijenaike

Soma Jayakoddy (translated by V. Fernando)

What Will you Do Do Do Clara, What Will you do?
Eva Ranaweera

Saga Indonesia
Manel Ranatunga

The Alms Giving and other Plays
Regi Siriwardena


Bio data of Author

    Amulet/Punyakante Wijenaike  
Punyakante Wijenaike is recognised for her simple but powerful style. She has published novels, collections of short stories in Sri Lanka and internationally. Her novel Giriaya became an acclaimed television series. She was awarded the Woman of the Year Achievement Award in 1985. The rank of Kalasuri Class 1 (literary achievement) was conferred on her in 1988. In 1996, she was the joint winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Competition for Radio.

Excerpt from the book

    Amulet/Punyakante Wijenaike  
It was only in the six month, heavy now with my first child that I discovered that the house had two floors. A single room with a twisted stairway leading up to it. I remember staring up, for I was afraid to climb that stairway, heavy with child. It was at the back of the house, next to Pinchamma’s sooty kitchen. I asked Ramon what was in it. He smiled and said he didn’t know. That the master always kept it under lock and key. And then I saw Pinchamma watching us with that crazy smile. Maybe, I thought, she was really mad.
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